My Dad took this picture of me in 1974-ish.

My Dad took this picture of me in 1974-ish.

My ability to sense and communicate with Spirit came to me all at once in 2008. I had a brief, dramatic, experience that left me very sensitive to the Spirit world. Starting from a place of not knowing about spirit communication, and honestly, not believing it to be possible, was huge upheaval for me. I suffered a nervous breakdown a month later. Through a series of events that I feel were too serendipitous to be classified as coincidence, I soon found myself in England at the Arthur Findlay College for the Psychic Sciences.

My primary goal in making that long trip across the ocean was to learn how to turn it off and get my life back. Instead, my eyes were opened to appreciate the unique, powerful and deeply healing gift I had received. It was the beginning of a complete life change. The more I used my ability, I found the balance and normal life I was in desperate need of. I've never had to work to tune in to the communication, it's always been an issue of learning to live productively with it. Being a medium is not a profession so much as it is a life of service. This is very natural and undeniable ability. I wasn't seeking it; the gift arrived disguised as turmoil and I chose to make it into something wonderful.

Years and thousands of connections later, I can look back with gratitude and humility at what was one of the most difficult times of my life.  My experiences have led me to create an existence that is personally and professionally fulfilling. I get to travel often and "see" life from the perspectives of the physical plane and that of the living Spirit. The deceased have so much knowledge to share about what creates a happy, successful life and it's an honor to share their messages. It is very humbling work, and I feel like I am living at my fullest now.

My prior career for 16 years was that of a mural painter.  I come from a large family of professional artists. In fact, I sold my first painting when I was only 8 years old alongside my step-mom's booth at the Spring Arts Festival in Gainesville, FL. Word of my mediumistic ability spread quickly, and I had to put my paint brushes into a hobby box and devote my time to readings. These days, I parlay my creativity into photography and digital art that I feature daily on my Facebook Page and Pinterest

My childhood was spent in Pennsylvania and Florida. As an adult, I've lived in coastal North Carolina, Utah and now hang my snowy hat in Wisconsin. I'd love to move somewhere warmer in the future. Like the Maldives, or a quiet island with lots of colorful fish, unrelenting warmth and a wicked fast internet connection. 

I love gardening, and despise the long winters that prevent me from doing that year round. My garden is small and narrow, but I plant for continuous color. I collect pink daffodils and only allow flowers that are shades of white, pink, purple and blue. A bit of a color Nazi, but, it creates a striking palate in a small space. I'm all about flower drama. (But that's it for drama!) 

The two main reasons I've never stopped believing in myself.

The two main reasons I've never stopped believing in myself.



I reside in a small town along Lake Michigan near Milwaukee, Wis. in a 1920s bungalow. My immediate family is comprised of two human children and one feline. Emma and Graeham are both studying at colleges in Wisconsin. You might have the chance to meet them at one of my events, as they will often earn their keep by taking tickets at the door. They LOVE answering the question, "What's it like living with your mom?" ;-) 

The love of my life. He genuinely flips out over Prada leather. that's my sole mate, for sure.

The love of my life. He genuinely flips out over Prada leather. that's my sole mate, for sure.


Moka was adopted as a kitten in 2006. I traded my ex-husband for him on the day of our divorce, and that has proved to be a smart move for everyone. (Moka has never once asked, "How much were those shoes?")  He's obviously the most handsome creature in the world, with a clever personality to match. 

During non-working hours I'm busy doing regular things that the average 29-again, single girl does. I drink wine and yap endlessly with my best girl friends. It's better if we don't mention the shoes. Cake is a serious weakness for me, and I am a total foodie.  I get crazy if I don't eat ice cream and ride my bike everyday. As an avid birder, I'm always seeking wildlife sanctuaries while I travel for work. 

My old house is always screaming for my attention. Paint me! Fix me! Help, I'm leaking! There shouldn't be smoke here! I collapsed! Hell froze over, bring salt! Interior design, art and architecture have remained consistent passions and my renovation projects bring me a huge amount of joy. 

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On being single and psyCHIC...

It's pretty hard to find a date that's down with dearly departed Aunt Delores showing up in the middle of dinner, but I keep on trying. Dating websites go great for me until I get asked, "So, what do you do for a living?" 

"I am in communications," I reply, waiting for them to ask which phone company I work for. Game over.

I take my job very seriously, but not myself. Life is just too short!  I'm always up for a laugh and seem to attract those in Spirit who have a great sense of humor. If you feel comfortable with me, I am probably the right medium for you. The funeral is over, I'm here to help you experience a joy filled reunion.