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From a bereaved father and well known afterlife author:

I recently received a reading from Mollie and she did a phenomenal job. I've been to some of the top mediums in the world and Mollie was right there with the best of them. She delivered a number of very specific hits, including many obscure validations, which is my top indicator of good reading. Mollie is level-headed and has a fine sense of humor, so she's easy to be around too. I highly recommend her to anyone desiring a connection with a deceased loved one. Author of, "Soul Shift; Finding Where the Dead Go" and "Messages from the Afterlife"

posted on Nov 20, 2012 by Mark Ireland

From a bereaved parent:

I have had a session with Mollie and have been present in both a large group and small group session and have witnessed first hand her amazing accuracy. I also have had sessions with some of the top mediums in the world and can honestly say that Mollie is at par with the best of them. Not only is she a gifted medium, she brings with her a large dose of warmth, humor and sincerity.

posted on Mar 3, 2013 by Linda Sanchez

A suicide survivor finds peace:

Mollie is an amazing medium! She gave me peace by bringing through my boyfriend who had committed suicide in front of me. He had told me (through her) that it was time for me to move on. She also brought up many of my careers that I've had. All of her validations were spot on and completely accurate! Several of my friends have had private sessions with her and were very impressed. The thing I like about Mollie, is that she is down to earth and has a great sense of humor.

posted on Nov 24, 2013 by Dave Halford

A brother goes to great lengths to reach his sister:

Mollie is amazing and has forever changed my life! Her gift is REAL!! A friend of mine from High School who lives in another state saw Mollie. She and I hadn't spoken in years. The friend wanted to reach my brother in her reading. Well, my brother came thru!! He kept mentioning "fire & jacket". This had no meaning to my friend but he also said, "I need to reach my sister."  When the friend found me on Facebook I told her our home burned to the ground and a firefighter ran in and grabbed 1 thing, his USA track jacket! Wow!

posted on Dec 8, 2012 by Wendy Hubert

From a widow in England:

My reading with Mollie blew me away. Practically everything she said relating to my late husband was spot-on, and much of it would only have been known to me or our immediate family. She had a phenomenol level of accuracy and I can't believe I was sitting nearly 4,000 miles away in the UK when she was telling me all these things. She has an incredible gift and is so friendly and normal too. I would definitely like to go back to Mollie in the future.

posted on Feb 23, 2013 by Mairiona Cotter

A daughter receives validation that her deceased father knows of his grandchild: 

Mollie truly has an incredible gift! She connected me with my deceased father and gave so much detail of validation, I was speechless. I knew he was with me, but Mollie was able to bridge the connection with my father and my 3 year old daughter who he never met. He even saw her little Ugg boots that I just bought for her! Very spiritually gratifying!

posted on Sep 27, 2012 by Shawna Tyler

From a young widow:

I have had a reading by a world renowned psychic- an expensive and disappointing experience. But, Mollie renewed my faith in the process! She brought through my grandmothers, my sweet husband, and two cousins. She was absolutely SPOT ON! From the first second when she came up with my grandmother's first initial, to the hilarious moment when she saw my husband come in wearing his favorite pair of black leather pants! it was evidence and validation that she is truly in touch with the other side

posted on Aug 9, 2012 by Christine Helman

Healing broken relationships:

I had a reading with Mollie and she brought people that I never thought would come thru. My ex-husband has been passed for a long time and he came thru, my mother-in-law and my own mother came thru. I felt a sigh of relief and was so excited! I have had a lot of readings with different people but this reading was very special and right on the head. I would recommend Mollie to everyone, you can not put a price on a reading like I got.

posted on Dec 13, 2011 by Nora Coyne

Healing after the loss of a beloved wife:

Mollie is the fourth medium I've tried and the first three were good BUT Mollie hit it right out of the park! Gave names and commented on items ONLY my wife would know. It was a wonderful reading but when my wife started to bust me about the oatmeal, she removed ANY doubt being really connected. I can not rate her any higher, she is the REAL DEAL and give her name to all my friends, Mollie is such a lovely person to talk to I only wish she could be a personal friend as well as a medium!

posted on Mar 15, 2013 by Terry Campbell

Reuniting a mother and son:

Your loved ones are with you always. Mollie Morningstar is the embodiment of an Earth angel who will lift the veil between the Earthbound and the spirit world for you. During a group session, Mollie connected with my son and immediately validated his spirit with precise names, not just initials. She described his personality in ways only a mom would know. All of my pending questions, the kind you ask yourself during the grieving process, were answered. The healing was instant. Thank you Mollie!

posted on May 6, 2013 by Teresa Penn

A spiritual family reunion:

Not only is Mollie a gifted medium, she is a wonderful soul who does a fantastic job of bridging the gap from this world to the other side with a amazing approach that blends healing, humor, sincerity, compassion and most importantly, love! My family had a wonderful experience with Mollie and she did a great job of managing the 10+ spirits who decided to drop in and say hello to all of us. I feel healing and peace was brought to my family and for this, I say THANK/BLESS YOU MOLLIE. Namaste :-)

posted on Sep 2, 2013 by Marc Lainhart

From a Skype client in South Africa:

My grandpa and I have an extremely deep connection since I could remember and I was longing to hear from him very badly. I am so thankful and happy that I found Mollie. Not only was she very professional but extremely helpful and caring. We connected with my grandpa and so many others that I never thought would come through. Mollie was very accurate on the details of my loved ones who connected. Thank you Mollie, you are indeed gifted. 

posted on Apr 27, 2013 by Rene Cloete Petitt

Love is love. Every meaningful relationship is equal and eternal:

Wow, what an incredible evening. I hoped, but went with no expectations. I didn't know if that reading was for me, very quickly, it was apparent it was. My recently deceased girlfriend of whom I loved for 33 years came through. There were several validations, but the one that blew me away was when you said you have an F, Fred. It was her favorite parrot that just passed last week. He is with her. The fact that you referred to her as my "Significant Other" was huge! Thank you so much Mollie. Hugs!

posted on Jan 26, 2013 by Sherrie Howe

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