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Sheboygan, WI: Intimate Group Reading

  • Blue Harbor Resort and Confernce Center 725 Blue Harbor Dr Sheboygan, WI, 53081 United States (map)

This event is SOLD OUT. Please use the form below to join a wait list for the next small group in Sheboygan. 

This session is limited to 8 participants. Seats are $250 per person. Your purchase represents one seat at the group. Limit of two per family. 

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During this very special group session, Mollie will connect with Spirit and give a message to all 8 attendees. This does not compare to a private session, but it is a great opportunity to guarantee a connection, bypass the lengthy wait list and enjoy an afternoon of sharing laughter and tears with others who understand your grief. Witnessing the messages and evidence that come through for other participants is inspiring, healing and will renew your hope in your ability to live more fully after a deep loss.

During this session, Mollie will strive to not only give messages to each attendee, but also also take time to answer general questions that you might have about afterlife connections. 

This is a beautiful opportunity to share a warm morning together with Mollie and Spirit to receive the healing you need after a loss. The meeting is held in a comfortable lakefront boardroom.

This session is open to everyone, including previous clients. 

Out of courtesy to all attending, we limit the number of family members in each session to two. Please make sure that any two family members attending are wishing to hear from the same person in Spirit. Just as we cannot guarantee anyone will pick up their phone when you call them, during a group session Spirit comes forward at their own will. It is very safe to say that the people you need to hear from also wish to connect with you, but a promise cannot be given that you will hear from a specific loved one. Trust the process that what you truly need will come forward. 

This group is strictly limited to 8 attendees. The wait for a private, in-person session is over a year, so if this group is a good fit for you, we urge you to purchase your ticket immediately. 

There are no refunds for tickets, however, you may give or sell them to anyone you choose. We will create a wait list for this session that you may inquire about. 

If you care to read reviews about the incredibly healing work Mollie is so well known for, please click through the link below to be taken to a third-party website where clients are free to leave reviews of their experience.  No compensation is given for a review, the sense of peace that comes from making the connection to their loved ones who have passed leaves everyone thrilled to recommend Mollie to those in need.