Scottsdale, AZ: In-Person Individual Sessions

Reconnecting to the people you love and miss in Spirit is a beautiful part of the healing process when you have experienced loss related to the death of a loved one. Mollie uses her ability to communicate directly with these Souls, bringing forth evidence that proves they are still aware of your life, connected and shares their loving messages. Sometimes it takes more than just “knowing they are in a better place” to start living fully again, and an evidential medium-ship session can give you the peace you need to carry on. 

Mollie will be available in central Scottsdale, AZ for in-person sessions in February.  The exact location will be given upon booking. 

Individual sessions  are for one person, may be voice recorded and last about one hour. The fee is $450.

Family Sessions are for closely related individuals wishing to connect with the same people in Spirit. The fee is $625 and the appointment lasts about 1.5 hours. Family Sessions are suitable for spouses that have lost a child, or siblings and parent combinations.

Available Dates/Time

Thursday February 25 –BOOKED FULL

Saturday, February 27 – 9:30am, 11:00am

I may be able to fit an odd appointment time if the above doesn't work. Please give me a call and I'll check the schedule for you. 

Please call our office at 920-918-2121 to request one of these sessions. Please leave a message with your name, number and preferred time. 

If you have a confirmed appointment, please submit your payment here. 

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