Mollie is an evidential psychic medium with a stunning ability to communicate validating messages from loved ones in the afterlife that greatly reduce the pain of grieving.


The Girl Behind the Gift

Mollie's path to mediumship is a unique one, having had an experience that left her overwhelmingly aware of Spirit in a short, 15 minute episode. Recovering from this upheaval was difficult, but it left Mollie determined to present her ability in a straightforward way, from a place of logic and compassion. Her personable approach and self-effacing humor endears her to audiences everywhere.

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Why Mollie Comes so Highly Recommended

Mollie is one of the most recommended mediums in the U.S. for a good reason.  She consistently delivers evidence from loved ones that proves beyond any doubt, they are still "alive" in the spirit world and are aware of your life situation. Loving messages can be comforting to hear from a medium, but it is the evidence, facts and irrefutable validations that bring healing, relief and ultimately, a better life for those left behind.  That is what Mollie delivers, time and time again.

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Experience Afterlife Communication

Mollie travels extensively throughout the U.S. to provide lectures and demonstrations of her ability for those who wish to know more about spirit communication. She dispels the myth of afterlife communication, explaining the process in terms that anyone can understand. Attendees are empowered to recognize the communication, comforted by the messages and filled with a renewed hope for their own healing journey.