Caring continues, even after life.

This week I had a private sitting with two sweet, energetic sisters. They had been to a group session, and felt their mom might have been trying to validate them through a reading given to the people sitting nearby, so they were open to, and eager for, the information. As I connected with their mom, she communicated to me, through mental telepathy, a picture of the World Trade Center towers in New York crashing down. I received the thought from her, "I felt so bad for all those poor people. I just felt so awful." One of the daughters teared up; she had asked her mom to acknowledge it during the session. Mother and daughter had been on the phone when the towers crashed, and talked for days afterward. She said she missed those long phone calls and the sound of her mother's voice.



Near the end of the session, the mother communicated fascinating information to me that I had no way to confirm, but felt it was important to pass along. "Your mom just let me know that she was here with me this morning praying and lending her support to a young girl who passed recently by suicide. The girl's mother had a session with me, and your mom is letting me know she was sending her love to help make that connection healing for them both." Again, the sisters teared up; they could completely understand why their mother would communicate that. She had worked as a social worker and was deeply caring of anyone in a tough spot. The next day, I shared this with the young girl's mother, and she was "astounded," because her daughter had a deep appreciation for guidance counselors and social workers.

When we occupy our time here on earth working as a compassion-giver, be that in social work, nursing, pastoral care, or anything that uplifts others, this aspect of our personality is retained in the spirit realm...AND WE KEEP ON HELPING. It's always interesting to receive validation of what our loved ones are doing on the other side of life, and I have a good feeling it's not resting on a cloud, plucking a harp. They are connected to you, and are often acting as your angel, sending you their loving guidance, prayers and support.

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