Finding the Strength to Grow

This is not a article about loss, the afterlife or death. It's about life, living and fulfilling growth cycles. Isn't that what we are here on Earth to do? Fulfill a cycle of growth?

If you've ever visited my Facebook Page, you've figured out I'm an avid gardener. I live for the flowers; I long for them year round. The month of May in Wisconsin is especially thrilling for me as a collector of speciality daffodils. Every few days, a different variety blooms, like an old friend who comes to visit once a year. At dawn, I'm outside in my pajamas with my camera, tiptoeing in the dirt, with mad hair and coffee dripping everywhere, trying to capture pictures that last all year. A proud flower-mother. The picture collage is what's currently blooming: "Pink Charm," "Mon Cherie," "Replete" and "Ice Follies." 

Pink Charm, Mon Cherie, Replete and Ice Follies....all blooming this week. 

Pink Charm, Mon Cherie, Replete and Ice Follies....all blooming this week. 

I'm often asked how I live a "normal" life with my ability. First of all, I have never claimed to be normal...secondly, I am alive. I do not stay connected like a firewire to heaven 24/7. That would be devastatingly draining. My garden is a big part of the answer. It helps me stay grounded, and in addition to that, caring for and nurturing plant life reminds me that everything moves in cycles. And, in truth, we are all like seeds. We are driven by a deep thirst for love, and when we find it, we gather the strength to grow roots. We all hunger for warmth and comfort, and when we find what we need, we summon the courage to grow. Like the seed, it takes an enormous amount of perseverance and bravery for us to become the beautiful people we are meant to be. To do so requires opening ourselves up to the possibility, making ourselves vulnerable, trusting the inner voice to tell us to reach for what's right, and pushing ourselves to break through barriers. Whether your current journey is on the Earth-plane: your profession or hobbies or family life; on an emotional level: overcoming loss, depression, anger or regret; or on a spiritual level, the needs are the same, and the demand upon us is commanding. It is not easy being a seed, not knowing our potential. But indeed, it is there. 

I don't always write in metaphors, but when I journal, I allow my thoughts to fall out as they come--and let's face it, seeing the parallels between the flower life cycle and our lives as human beings is, well, natural. I share this personal journal entry with the hope that the blooming Spring flowers will inspire you to see your own potential, appreciate the journey of development, and embrace the opportunities for growth in your life. 

A wilted flower that drops to the earth on a hot, August afternoon: drying, shrinking, falling into the dirt. The leaves came and covered it, burying its floral remains. What was left was the seed, protected by a hard shell, it froze in the darkness under the cover of the mulch. Frozen, dark and still. For what seemed forever.

The seed lies beneath, growing wary of winter, its shell starting to wear thin from the stress of extreme conditions. It finally cracks; the opening appears.

The seasons change, the snow melts, the ground absorbs the water, soggy...the stressed seed, cracked and now open, takes the drop of water and the germination begins.

In that moment there is magic.

The water enters the crack.

The seed, forever changed.

Moves so slight.




Sheds its skin, breaking free of Winter's grows.

It's so difficult pushing through the dark dirt. Having no idea that just above the surface, the entire world is waiting. Instinctively, it reaches for warmth. The roots begin to gain ground and provide strength. And for the first time, the new life shows itself to the world. Rejoicing in the delight of the unfolding green, it attracts attention against the mud.

It grows; showing the world its development, one leaf at a time. Becoming mature, seasoned against the elements and conditions, the stalk readies itself to fulfill its destiny.

It has no idea what it's capable of. The struggle of Winter can nearly kill the spirit.

All of the energy used in growth, strong, tall, green, it still has no idea that residing inside of its bud is an outrageous, scene-stealing, fragrant blossom that will attract every bird and butterfly for miles around.

It was always the providence of the seed, yet, it cannot be forced. It comes in its time.

No one really pays attention to a growing flower. It's the blossom that is so desirable. Without the growth, there would be no flower. You have to surrender to the whole cycle and love every part of it.

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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium providing validating afterlife readings to heal grief. She authors a blog focused on spiritual lessons received during medium readings to inspire vibrabt living after the death of a loved one.