What Constitutes Evidence of the Afterlife?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of conducting a session with two sisters who had recently lost a very dear relative. As they settled into their seats, preparing for me to begin, one took out several rosaries and wrapped them around her hand. The other nervously said to me, "I'm ready, but I don't want to know anything bad. Please don't tell me when I'm going to die or anything like that."

Stifling a giggle, I calmly explained to them that a connection to a deceased loved one is about healing grief and certainly not about telling someone when they will die. I added that props were not necessary and didn't enhance the connection. However, she had given away that her deceased relative was Catholic. 

There are a lot of myths out there about what mediums do and how they do it. It's understandable that we get a bad rap. Most people get their information from watching TV, which couldn't be further from reality! My life mission is to teach the average person how the connection works and how they can recognize it on their own. 

One of my favorite topics to dive into is this: During a connection with Spirit, what information provides solid evidence of the afterlife?

It gets kind of technical and qualifies as "shoptalk amongst mediums." But hey-this is good for you to know. If you are sitting for a reading by a medium who knows nothing about you, and you have a teenage son who passed, a validating message could be as simple as this: "I sense a young man in Spirit who loves you very dearly." Take it for what it is. For a professional medium, however, it is not enough. 

Last week in Minneapolis, I connected a man in Spirit to his wife in the audience. He clairvoyantly showed me a jar with dried beans in it. I was befuddled. I saw him shake it up and down, and he communicated, "Mention shaking the jar of beans." He was insistent. Sure enough, years earlier their child had made a craft project in grade school, a jar of beans. The woman had very recently found it and had been shaking it. Standing there in front of the crowd, I just couldn't believe how on-the-mark that evidence was. A jar of dried beans? Very cool! It shows that the deceased man's spirit is present in their home and clearly seeing his family.

It's good evidence, but guess what? It is not the best evidence we can get. Why? Because there is a small chance I could have picked up that information by connecting with the living woman, instead of the deceased man. It was something that existed within her own energy. It's one of those moments when the audience says, "Ohhhh...ahhh." TV producers love that stuff. But there is evidence that is even better.

Let me explain to you what the very best evidence looks like, and why it causes no thrill in an audience. To prove without any doubt that deceased people continue to have awareness of current situations, they need to give us information that we cannot validate unless we check with a third party. This process eliminates the possibility of the medium making a psychic connection with the person in her presence. That doesn't happen in the moment.

At a group in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, this month, I made a connection with a man giving the name of Robert. A woman who had come to the reading with her daughter recognized the name and accompanying details as being her stepbrother. All the information he provided was easily validated until he showed me a big "Welcome Home!" banner.  She didn't know what that meant. I asked if someone had moved recently or returned from a trip. She just didn't know. "Just remember it." I said. 

The next evening, I received this email from her daughter:

"Mollie.... First of all, you have such a beautiful gift and I just have to thank you for the message you gave my mom and I yesterday. I wanted to tell you that when my mom's stepbrother came through last night and you mentioned the "welcome home" banner... My mom and I couldn't validate that but we definitely can now. His daughter just posted on Facebook that it's her first night in her new home with her boyfriend. We don't really keep in touch with her or see her post on Facebook often, so when I saw that I knew I had to tell you we can validate that! Thanks again, for everything..."

This third party validation process actually happened three times at events that weekend. A woman got a message from a friend's grandfather named Dillon. To validate it, she had to call her friend and pass on the information. She too, sent me an email the next day. Another woman in the audience recognized a co-worker's mother in Spirit, Sandy, who was trying to communicate during the group. She was able to validate a few things in the moment, but she wrote a few days later to say she spoke with her coworker and validated the rest. 

I often say when I pass on a detail that doesn't seem relevant, "Just remember it, please." And sometimes people get annoyed! They are there with the hopes of receiving a personal message, and here we have deceased people that are only loosely connected to a person in the audience, trying to get a message across the so-called wire. 

Further thought and contemplation is really important at moments like this. The most overwhelming thing we need is proof of the afterlife. What's true for one is true for all. There is absolutely nothing that gives me more gratification in my work than validation by a third party. It feels like a personal message just for me, Spirit saying, "Yooohooo, Mollie, we REALLY are here!" 

It gives me that, "Oh my goodness, there REALLY is vibrant life after death" feeling all over again. 

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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium providing validating afterlife readings to heal grief. She authors a blog focused on spiritual lessons received during medium readings to inspire vibrabt living after the death of a loved one.