Is My Child Growing Up in the Afterlife?

All bereaved parents have bittersweet moments when they look around at their other children, or their nieces and nephews, and see them getting taller. Or they watch their children's classmates graduate and get married and wonder, "What would my child look like now? Would he still laugh the same way? What would she be doing with her life?"  The very thought of this can cause profound sadness.

Countless bereaved parents have asked if their children are growing up in the afterlife. When they too pass and are reunited in spirit, will their children have aged?

When you have a reading with a medium, the medium will describe your loved one in a way that you recognize. That does not mean a specific age. It means only that: in a way that you will recognize them.

I have had it go both ways. A seven-year-old child who passed 15 years ago will "come through" at age seven and reassure his parents that when they pass, their relationship will pick up right where they left off. And not as often, I will have souls communicate from an adult perspective, when they actually passed during their youth. The difference rests in the parents' minds: what they expect their child is like now. If you think of your child as having grown up, then that is the perspective she'll communicate from.

This is basic logic, if you take a moment think about it.

When the body dies, the Soul is returned to Spirit. We measure the growth of a physical body by height or years, but a Soul is eternal. The Soul is not "growing up" in a physical shell that literally no longer exists. Nonetheless, the soul of a child who has died continues to grow and mature. We are also going through that process, right now as we live and breathe.

At all points in time, the Soul is maturing, growing, learning expanding-with or without a physical body.

What I have learned over the years is that at the point of reunion, when a parent passes over and is reunited with a dead child, absolutely all feelings of "missing out" are gone. All parts of you are made to feel "whole" once again. I feel confident stating this after conducting countless sessions where my sitter (the person having the session) has lost both a sibling and a parent. The parents always communicate the same emotion, "It was such a relief to be with him/her again."

I remember one particular case where I did a session for a woman who had lost everyone dear to her-husband, parents, spouse and her brother. The very first communication in that sitting was from her mother who "came though" with her arms around her son, who had died long before her. She communicated that they were reunited and the relationship was "whole again." They had left their troubled past behind them.

This particular reading provided deep comfort for my sitter, because the mother had disowned the son and ended her relationship with him here on Earth. And then he died. The mother had to live for years with an unhealed relationship and then the loss of her son.

Bereaved parents need a lot of comfort to get though milestones like missed birthdays or graduations. No matter what the situation or age of a child's passing, when you are reunited the feelings of missing out and loss are healed.

We can't know everything about the afterlife in a completely conclusive way from our Earthly perspective. When the wave of sadness rolls onto your shore, reminding you of what you are missing out on in Earthly years, gently tell yourself that this time apart is a period of growth and maturation for you and your child.

I often say about my brother, who passed at the age of 30, that "His Soul grew too big for his body, so he left it."

Take comfort where you can find it. We are always growing more glorious. And while we may not know every detail about the afterlife, I am absolutely sure that the vast chasms in our hearts created by our loved ones' departures are filled completely when we too, grow too big for our bodies and complete our work here.

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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium providing validating afterlife readings to heal grief. She authors a blog focused on spiritual lessons received during medium readings to inspire vibrabt living after the death of a loved one.