You Are Connected!

My clients often say they feel disconnected from a loved one in Spirit. But from what I have observed, the disconnect often occurs on many levels. Disconnection from current world events. Disconnection from joy and laughter. Even disconnection from people in their lives. 

As energetic Souls who occupy a physical body, we are always connected to our Source. You can call it Spirit, the Universe, God, whatever name you like. If you can, imagine yourself as an electrical unit attached by millions of small wires to literally everything and everyone with whom you interact. We always have access to that Source--our Higher Self. To access it, we must to learn to listen from a place other than our ears.

Whether you are trying to tune in to communication with a loved one who has passed, or simply become more aware of your intuition, listening is going to be your new best friend. In our eagerness to be understood, we often talk, talk and talk without pausing to see if anyone is truly receiving. Being in a communicative space with Spirit requires us to be quiet and enter into a state of trust so we can receive. The old cliche, "listen to your heart" is an excellent example of how our Souls are always operating on that spiritual level. Be careful, however, sometimes we mistake listening to our heart as clinging to a hope or a desire. One of the classic ways I see people doing this, including myself, is we rationalize toxic relationships by saying, "But I love, him/her," as we are filled with pain. Love is grand, and it's heart-centered, but the truth is if your heart is hurting, and if you were listening to, trusting and honoring your heart, you'd be making choices that remove yourself from that source of pain. If your heart is hurting, listen to its feelings to find the source of pain. 

 When listening through our heart space, our most helpful intuitive gifts and communication are extremely subtle. A loved one in Spirit who is trying to communicate with us will literally send us a thought. Go back to the model of you being an electrical unit connected by wires. Through those wires, your brain picks up the message and delivers it to you as a thought. It's not super dramatic; it's a thought. If you want to tune in to your angels, guides, loved ones and Higher Self, you will have to learn to heed those subtle thoughts and feelings that occur without much fanfare. One great way to test them is to check in with your physical body. How does something make you feel? Often when a loved one is present, you can validate they are truly with you by literally feeling a slight change in your energy. That might be experienced as a tinglingly feeling, goosebumps, a sudden warmth, or perhaps a sensation of being lightly touched on your shoulder or cheek. It's so subtle, if you aren't tuned in, you could miss it.

 I had a wild reminder this week of how important it is to trust these nuances instead of questioning them. While I was visiting a spa with a friend, I decided to go into the sauna. My friend walked in, and suddenly changed her mind, simply saying she didn't want to be in there. She went out and found a place to sit and relax, later telling me she was feeling a bit uneasy for no discernible reason. I sat down in the warmth, closed my eyes, and got into the moment. A few minutes later, that little voice in my head said, "You should go in the steam room." So I did. About 15 seconds after I walked out of the sauna, the ceiling collapsed in what sounded like an earthquake. A nine-foot beam literally fell out of the ceiling, with the glass lighting fixtures, and crashed into the sauna's heating unit. The noise alone sent me into a near state of shock! Looking back to the minutes before the crash, I can't say that I was having a wildly intuitive hit where the voice in my head was screaming, "Get the hell outta here!" It was very subtle. Speaking with my friend later, we found it interesting that she suddenly felt uneasy right before the event. I have no idea what would have happened to me if that mess had fallen on me, but it would have been ugly for certain. The only thing that saved me was listening to the small voice that said, "Go to the steam room." 

When I do a reading for a client, the way I receive information from Spirit is much the same. It's simply a thought that flows in from a different space. When I open myself up to Spirit and conduct sessions, I know I can trust the thoughts that flow in easily. Trusting thoughts that flow in throughout the day requires a bit more discernment. One of my favorite sayings is, "Don't believe everything you think!" It's a bit of a joke, but we all tend to get on a crazy train of negativity sometimes and our thoughts can take a real nosedive. That is why I use my system of checking in with my body to see if a thought is true. I think of negative thoughts as interlopers: little invaders passing though my garden of carefully cultivated thoughts. I know they aren't true. 

 I'd love to see everyone take more time to learn to listen from their heart space; it's a practice that could change the world into a more peaceful place. There are two resources I'd love to share for further reading: I enjoy the "The Work" by Byron Katie; she recommends using a series of checks and questions to determine the truthfulness of our thoughts. She's great at helping people learn to banish destructive thought patterns. Another is Sonia Choquette and her work, "Trusting Your Vibes."  She shares great wisdom on how to discern your intuitive hits from the rampant mental chatter. 

 One thing is for certain: learning to listen from your heart space will open you up to a source of knowledge, power and communication that can greatly alter your life for the better!

*This article was originally published in January 2015. 

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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium providing validating afterlife readings to heal grief. She authors a blog focused on spiritual lessons received during medium readings to inspire vibrabt living after the death of a loved one.