Managing feelings of incompleteness.

Nearly every bereaved person I have ever met has expressed to me a deep sense of of feeling incomplete after the passing of a cherished love one. The relationship on the physical plane of existence created a sense of wholeness, and when that relationship transitioned into the spiritual plane, suddenly, their identity had been amputated. It's similar to losing a leg; the act of balancing seems impossible. You aren't walking anywhere with just one leg.

When an object is complete, it literally means that all of its parts are present, its whole in form. No portion of that object is missing. Can that be true for a Soul having a physical existence? Can parts of us actually go missing?  

First, I'm not here to preach that feeling incomplete isn't true. If everyone says it, then there has to be a good reason. I want to start a thought process for you that examines the actions and motives of what causes that sense of completeness to arise while you and your loved one were both living happily (or not so happily) together on the Earth.  Let's think for a moment about the time before the loss occurred.

For a parent, possibly the most profound moment of your entire existence is to hold within your hands the life you created as your child. An actual human that you GAVE "being" to. You had the motive to co-create life in a deeply personal way and you took action to care for the needs of your precious creation. 

Maybe it's your life partner or Soul-mate who has passed. A relationship unlike any other, where another Soul reflected your entire worth back to you, possibly for the first time ever. This is the person you GAVE all of your trust and love to. The motive is to experience love, the action is constantly working on relating to each other more authentically. 

A friend is a person who throughout your life is a sustainer of hope. Through thick and thin, you received support that helped you navigate life's tricky waters. In return, you GAVE time, sweat, tears, laughs and resources to sustain that relationship. The motive was to have support, the action is making yourself available to give it back.

No matter who it is that you've lost, the relationship investment is still there. You GAVE. You GAVE yourself away; willingly, with joy, and with honor. Do you want those gifts back? Of course not! Would you do it all again? Absolutely! 

As we willingly GIVE away our love, we are discovering our completeness. If a pair of spectacles loses one of its arms, they would be fragmented and fall off the face they trying to help. 

You are not an object.  In giving, you actually become whole. 

Time and time again those in Spirit wish for me to express on their behalf that all the gifts of love, time and energy that were given to them, WENT WITH THEM to the afterlife. Every deed. (Except for the real estate that was so unfortunately worthless, it had to stay behind on Earth.) 

You are always whole. The love you invested in a person who died is still growing and an amazing return is coming.  

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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium providing validating afterlife readings to heal grief. She authors a blog focused on spiritual lessons received during medium readings to inspire vibrabt living after the death of a loved one.