Playing Games with Spirit

When was the last time you had fun talking to a deceased loved one? Strange question, right? All too often when we are longing for a connection, a sign, or some form of communication, we are reaching out in desperation, almost begging our loved ones to acknowledge their presence in our lives. We wait for the lights to flicker, or the photo to fly off the wall...the more dramatic the sign, the closer they are, right? Not so all of our urgency we often overlook the simple ways they reach out to us every day. Not every butterfly that flutters by is a sign from our departed loved ones, but occasionally, it just might be so. 

The overarching need for our loved ones to communicate with us after death is to assure us they are still alive and connected. That really is it. Their presence, no matter how we manage to feel or perceive it, is serving that purpose. The more serious and desperate we are, the more difficult it is for us to notice the small signs. So for anyone wishing to communicate with a loved one or trying to develop their intuition, I suggest making a game out of it. That's with it! It is a fun way to test your ability and sharpen your awareness. 

One of the best ways I have found to hone intuition is by using oracle cards. These are different from tarot cards in that each card has a specific meaning, and a guidebook explains what each cards means. You can ask questions about your life when you need a spiritual perspective. You can also use the cards as a tool to sharpen your awareness: simply choose a card and before looking at the image, try to glean information about it. When I was first developing my abilities, a friend would pick a card, then try to mentally project the image to me. It's great fun. Anyone can try this.

Last weekend a friend came over for a day of fun, baking and friendship. She is also a medium, so naturally we like to push ourselves by testing new methods of connecting with Spirit. We concoct crazy card readings. We try different ways of choosing cards and use several different decks together, pulling a few cards from each. It was a fun day of play. We certainly didn't take ourselves too seriously and our games involved a lot of laughter. And sometimes, things that come up just don't seem to make sense. In fact, that's completely normal. Intuitive games and messages won't always be immediately clear, but it's important to sit with the information anyway. If you try this at home, remember, the information may be confusing in the moment, but that doesn't mean you are getting wrong information. 

While I was connecting with my friend's son who had passed, he showed me the image of a balloon, and a short, four-lettered man's name starting with "A." Unsure, I asked,"Well, is it anyone's birthday?" Sometimes I see balloons if it is. Remember, we were playing...this isn't a serious situation or life-changing reading. I got the impression that the balloon was from a balloon release in her son's honor, but we didn't have any idea what the "A" name connection was. A few hours later, the mystery was solved when she went home and read her mail. One of the balloons had been found in a cornfield by a woman who wrote that she, too, had lost a son named Adam. The woman shared that she had been to see a medium, and that my friend should take comfort in knowing her son would always be with her. Two families, separated by many miles, connected by a balloon and possibly fate. What a powerful message emerged from our "play!" Had we considered the information wrong just because it didn't make sense right away, we might have lost focus on the deeper meaning that would eventually reveal itself. The important thing to remember when you try this on your own, is to be patient and just have fun. Tune in and see what's there. Then, give the information some time to fall into place. 

Remember why your loved ones try to communicate: to help you realize this life is only a drop in eternity. To help you feel the comfort of their love, and to see you feeling joyful! Getting yourself in that space requires letting go of expectations. Ease up on your demands of your loved one to manifest what you want, and instead, make a fun game out of what they can do. Then, keep a little journal of the signs you receive and see if something keeps repeating itself. 

A couple of my favorite card decks for playing with intuition are:

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