Five myths about mediumship revealed!

Here's my top list of of the fishy (and sometimes funny) issues about mediumship and Spirit communication I deal with most often.  

Myth One: Your loved ones jump all over me at the grocery store or visit me at home when I'm just relaxing with my family. 

People have often said to me, "I told my Dad to go find you when he died!"  Wait a minute....why would you tell your Dad to enter the home of someone he doesn't know? Did he do that when he was alive? Another classic situation occurs when someone asks,"So, what do you do for a living?"  My response is usually met with, "Oh my gosh, do you see anyone with me?" or "You're crazy!"

While it has happened that a random soul has shown up to urge me to deliver a message, I can count the times over the years on one hand. It simply doesn't work that way, especially for a full-time medium. In order for me to give someone a great reading, I need to tune into that energy, and that is simply not happening when I am cooking dinner, surfing the internet or having coffee with a friend. Reality TV shows have led people to believe the life of a medium is one full of constant connections regardless of the who, what, where or when. That Spirit just HAS to deliver a message right now, in the middle of aerobics class. What everyone really needs to bear in mind is that reality TV is meant to be entertaining, and producers carefully coordinate situations for that purpose. Filming permits are required and often people are cast into certain situations because they have a dramatic story. All that glitters is not necessarily gold. 

I occasionally meet someone with the ability who says they are being bombarded all day by errant spirits. My response it to tell that person that perhaps they need to explore their ability. I know first-hand, if a medium is using the ability to help people consistently, there will be no need for their dinner to be disrupted so they can give readings then, too. It's largely a matter of discipline and choosing to tune in at the appropriate time. 

I also don't have the ability to sit around and chat all day with my deceased relatives. I am not objective, and like you, I will book a session with a medium or work on my own to recognize their signs and subtle communication. 

Myth Two: A "certified medium" is guaranteed to give you a great reading.

This is a question that I feel truly needs to be addressed, even knowing I am likely to upset some of my peers. First of all, mediumship is not a regulated industry. We don't have to pass a Board Exam and go to school in order to open a business. Most mediums claiming to be certified have simply paid for and attended a series of classes. Sometimes the teacher is famous. The testing for these certificates is lenient, unregulated and ungoverned. The teacher alone determines whether the medium passes. The complaints I receive most frequently from clients about poor previous readings involve this type of "certified medium." 

Many intuitives have some ability, but not enough to consistently (and I mean 99.99% percent of the time) make accurate, validating connections. An 80% success rate is not enough when you are responsible for someone's emotional well-being. There are also mediums that are certified and tested scientifically in blind studies by the Forever Family Foundation and other comparable scientific studies. The mediums do not pay for this certificate and it is difficult to achieve. The downside is that it is a slow process therefore not enough mediums are able to be tested and funding for the program isn't abundant. But that is one certificate that should be held in esteem. 

My advice is this: if you are researching for a mediumistic reading, look for someone with years of experience and large quantities of positive feedback. Get referrals from people you know. Attend a public event first to see them work.  When you visit a medium's website and their tagline or bio is a list of who they have studied with or are certified by, consider for a moment, why are they using someone else's name to describe themselves? If a medium is good, you'll be reading lots of reviews from their clients--not a list of who they have taken classes from. Don't judge a medium by their Facebook following, either. Large numbers of followers doesn't indicate any ability beyond knowing how to maximize exposure on social media. 

 As a side note, in the UK, getting certificates by the Spiritualist National Union for different aspects of mediumship is actually a very rigorous process. This sort of regulation doesn't exist in the U.S., but there are smaller organizations such as the Forever Family Foundation that are making great strides to recognize truly capable mediums.

Progress is being made, but it is ultimately up to the potential client to decide if a certificate seems holds any merit. 

Myth Three: You have to wait a specific amount of time after a loved one's passing before you can have a session because the Soul has to get adjusted before they can communicate.

Completely untrue. I have received validating messages from Souls who have passed over within a few hours. The right time to schedule a reading is when you feel able to handle the emotions that arise from the communication. There is a school of thought that you should also be in a place of acceptance of the passing before you have a session. This to me is a flexible area. I see no benefit for the newly bereaved to wait a set amount of time to receive the communication from a child or spouse that could possibly save them from extreme despair. A reading will not remove your experience of grief, but it may remove the fear of the separation. You will know your loved is spiritually close and always will be. You will know they are still alive. People who get thrown into grief without a prior knowledge of spiritual connections stand to benefit the most from experiencing a connection. If you have ever had a validating session, then theoretically you know the afterlife is real and you can handle subsequent losses more gracefully. This is the reason why I offer High Priority sessions at all times for those who are newly bereaved and have never experienced the communication before. The sooner, the better. 

Myth Four: Only strong, loud spirits come through in a group sessions.

Again, there is no evidence to support this. I have connected with hundreds of very shy, quiet Souls in group sessions. Mediums are not in charge of who comes through; it is organized by our Spiritual helpers based on who is in the audience. It is Spirit's intention that the messages which come through touch the hearts of everyone present. Likewise, the most bereaved person doesn't necessarily receive the connection either. It's a group, and a group experience will address the overall needs of everyone present. 

Myth Five: Your loved ones in Spirit are with you ALL of the time. 

Okay, this isn't a myth. It's true. Your loved ones are with you 24/7 especially when you are in the bedroom and bathroom. :-)

Joking! But, I get asked that ALL the time! People worry they have no privacy. Even while alive, we are not with anyone 24/7. Our children go to school. Our spouses go to work. We move out from our parents homes. Yes, your sacred, private moments are yours. No worries there anymore, okay? The most important thing to know is that Spirit is with you in the moments when you need them most. 

As you seek answers in your own life and in the midst of your own losses, here's hoping this myth-busting helps you on your journey.


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