Earth Angels

Has anyone ever said to you, "Wow, that was just what I needed to hear today." Or, "You have such great timing!" 

We all know about angels: beings of light who are helping humanity. But how about Earth Angels: those special people who walk the Earth by day, sharing the light and love of the Divine with everyone they meet? 

You are an Earth Angel. Yes, you.

Let me explain a little insight from loved ones in Spirit that will help you understand how you are used to bring love into this world. 

Imagine a scenario where you are in line at the grocery store waiting to check out and having a teary day. It's one of those marker days, maybe the birthday of a loved one in Spirit. You can't stop thinking about them or feeling the pain of the physical separation. Let's imagine it's the birthday of your father, Michael. As you stand there getting lost in your grief, a young woman gets in line behind you. You look in her shopping cart, and there is a birthday cake that says,"Happy Birthday, Michael!"  It almost takes your breath away. The stranger smiles at you, and starts making small talk about the party she's having that afternoon. You end up telling her it is your deceased father's birthday, too and his name was also Michael. The next thing you know the two of you are chatting like old friends about your fondest memories of your fathers. In that moment, this unsuspecting woman is your personal Earth Angel.  

Who do you think inspired her to to choose your check out line from the seven that were open? Chances are, it was someone in Spirit who knew you needed some sign of comfort and remembrance today.

Many times we have random, but persistent thoughts of a friend. Unsure of why this person comes to mind, we often just pass the thought off in our busyness instead of acting on it as a signal to reach out. When we realize the Soul of a friend's loved one who died can influence our thoughts and encourage us to reach out, we can begin to act our part as Earth Angel to each other. 

I have a friend who lost a daughter named Molly a few years ago, and Molly is one of the greatest spiritual influencers I've ever met. Last year I was meeting a friend in Ireland and when we reunited she said to me, "I bought you this little gift, I just felt really drawn to it and I know it's not how you spell your name." She handed me a beautiful, bright blue, heart-shaped crystal with the name "Molly" on it. Instantly, I knew it was a gift from Molly to her mom. That shade of blue was Molly's color. The anniversary of Molly's passing was just a few days away and this was her way of reaching her mom through a series of Earth Angel kindnesses.

It works both ways, too. A few weeks ago I got an email from my friend who told me she sensed Molly's presence around and couldn't stop thinking of me, so she gave in to the thought and sent me a quick note asking how I was doing. Well, it's no surprise that I was having a difficult day. My heart warmed up instantly and I felt loved. I felt touched that Molly would reciprocate the favor by encouraging a bit of support for me when I needed it. 

I could go on writing for days about examples of people who show up at exactly the right moment with some sort of Divine message, but I think you get the idea of what I'm trying to convey. 

You have the potential to be an Earth Angel to many. All you have to do is pay attention to the random thoughts that encourage you to reach out to someone. You don't need to know why, all you need to do is let someone know you are thinking of them. That they are remembered. That they are loved. Put away your phone while you are in line and talk to the people around you. The majority of the messages you will receive from loved ones in Spirit will fall out of the mouths of the people around you, not during a visit with a medium. Pay attention and see what Spirit is trying to communicate to you through a repeated message. Is everyone telling you the same thing, over and over? Take heed and take heart. You are deeply loved, and Spirit will always find a way to remind you!

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