Love Makes a Parent, Not DNA.

I kicked off the Fall Tour season in Madison and Green Bay, Wisconsin this week and had some wonderful messages about parenthood, adoption, abandonment and what it truly means to be a parent. I love when we are able to share these experiences publicly in a group setting; the messages are healing to so many people. The healing continues, as I get validation over and over again from readers who are also healed by these stories.

At the event in Madison, an older gentleman come though, showing me a thick head of gray hair, giving me the names Mary* and Paul. A woman in the audience, Mary, recognized this to be her biological father who had given her up for adoption, whom she'd never met. It was a wonderful connection; a chance for him to recognize some of her accomplishments and also the difficulties she has endured. He explained that adoption wasn't his first choice; the situation had been out of his control. Mostly, he wanted her to know she is loved and wanted in this world and that from a spiritual standpoint, he is now supporting her. The father then brought the soul of Mary's deceased husband forward so he could also connect and create more healing. It was possibly one of the first acts of fatherly love that he was able to do for his daughter. Even after death, his desire to take care of her lives on. It was an emotional reading for everyone who witnessed it. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. 

After that connection, I got the name of Mike and a connection to a young man who had passed in his early 20s in a car accident. A woman recognized this to be her ex-brother-in-law. Mike's message was about how he wanted to let her know he was looking out for her daughter, his niece. He acknowledged that she has support from his side of the family in Spirit, to help with the challenges of co-parenting with her ex-husband. The woman was crying and I could feel her releasing her stress as she realized that her ex-husband's family validated her struggle and was supporting her in Spirit. People in Spirit are pretty great! I then heard Spirit communicate to me, "Allan is here for the woman next to her in the aisle." I shook my head incredulously, hardly believing it myself and asked the woman sitting next to her if she had an Allan in Spirit. She instantly cried out, "That was my biological father!" In this situation, due to his addiction issues, he was not able to be a great father, and wanted to validate to her that she really matters to him, and he is no longer having that struggle. The woman's mother (Allan's ex) was also in the audience and got a long overdue acknowledgement for all she had endured.


The theme continued in Green Bay, where a young woman's grandfather came through. After a few minutes of evidence and messages, the most incredible thing happened. He wanted me to communicate to her, "Your biggest dreams are coming true now." Through her tears she quietly sobbed and said, "That's all I needed tonight. I just needed to know if he was okay with my situation."  She confessed that although she'd had a close, loving relationship with her grandfather, her father had not been very involved in her life. She had recently decided to allow her step-father to adopt her. She had been worried her grandfather would be upset that she had terminated his son's parental rights. 

The grandfather's message was beautiful and profound, and terribly important for many people to hear: "It's not about who gives the DNA, it's about who gives you love."

Adoption and parent-child relationships are viewed with great love and understanding by those who have passed into the afterlife. I have connected many adoptees to biological parents in Spirit, whom they never knew in the physical world. There is often very little evidence that the child knows to validate, but somehow, someway, a little gem of knowledge proves the connection. It is incredibly validating and healing for the child. Likewise, I have had countless connections where someone comes through and they feel "like a parent." I have yet to feel an energetic difference between someone who was a biological parent and someone who adopted or simply chose to love someone as their child. The connection is about the love and the relationship. If that connection exists in life, it remains in death.

Being adopted can leave many unanswered questions, so having a posthumous connection that answers even a few of them can be a life-changing experience. I have seen tremendous healing happen time and time again when these Souls are reunited. There is always hope for a fresh start, even a fresh start that begins when the physical life ends. 

*Names have been changed out of respect for the privacy of those who received messages, although the names given during the readings were accurate.

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