Receiving the Communication

This is part three to the blogs posted on August 5 on Recognizing the Connection, and September 2 on Validating the Connection.

In my last blog, I talked about how to validate the presence of a loved one's Soul. The final step when a loved one in Spirit visits you, is to receive the communication. This is where things get tricky for the untrained, and frankly, a place where skeptics might make a great point. "You can't talk to the dead!" Well, you can talk to them, but will they "talk" back? The answer: probably not. When the physical body has died, how can words and sounds be formed without the benefit of a voice box and mouth? I hedge my answer with "probably not" because many people have reported literally hearing the voice of a loved one. This falls into the category of "phenomena" and is another topic altogether. 

The most common way a loved one will communicate with us is through our thoughts. Good old mental telepathy. You've been doing it your whole life without realizing it. Think of all the times you've finished a friend's sentence, or suggested the exact word they needed when they were having a brain freeze, without any context. The way we receive mental telepathy is as a thought. It is easier to recognize it when you just allow it to enter your mind, without straining to make it happen. One way we can try to instigate communication is through meditation. I've received countless emails sort of like this:

Dear Mollie,

I've been meditating for two hours a day trying to connect with my loved one. I have a ringing in my ear. Is that my ability to hear them opening up?


Losing it in Los Angeles

Dear Losing It,

Please get your ears checked. 

Love, Mollie

Now, of course, I'm trying to make you laugh here, but the point of this is that mediation is a time for YOU. It's a wonderful practice of mindfulness that can help you deal with stress, and gain awareness of the subtleties of life that surround you. It's that same awareness that assists you as you open yourself to communication from a loved one. 

During mental telepathy, your brain receives a thought that just pops into your head. The hallmark of this communication is that it seems out of context to your natural train of thoughts. Often, when communicating with another Soul, the information will be received along with a strong emotion. Have you heard about a man who experiences labor pains as his wife gives birth? That's not just an urban myth. His partner's energy is totally engaged as they create a new life. Many men feel both emotional and physical sensations during the birth of their child. It's a powerful energetic experience, and an example of how this ability is open to all of us. It's energy, not magic. 

Take a moment and consider this: If you were in Spirit, and you knew your loved one was not great at mental telepathy, and you WISHED to get a strong message to them, what would you want to convey?

Ninety percent of you just answered in your head, "I love you." Ten percent answered, "I'm okay." and the other ten percent are trying to communicate, "The money is in a tin can in the garage!"  :-) 

To tie together the three steps of typical communication with Spirit, let's review them.

  1. You become flooded with thoughts of a loved one that interrupt your own thoughts.
  2. You sense and feel a shift or change in the energy around you.
  3. You receive a short, powerful thought that just pops into your mind.

Often mental telepathy from a loved one can be awesome, specific and as unique as they were. Here are some stories people have shared with me:

  • "I was able to sit down and channel a letter from my son. It was like he was dictating to me as I typed."
  • I heard my mother's voice in my mind, just the way I remembered her, reciting a little quote she always used."
  • "I could feel my Dad with me, and then the lyrics to his favorite song started running through my mind."
  • "I swear I felt my husband's presence and then the thought popped into my mind, "I love you." I was afraid it was too good to be true, but he used to say it to me every single day. Now I know it's really him and I answer back." 

People often ask me, "Should I speak out loud to our loved ones or in our mind?" Either way works great! For myself, I communicate with my brother in Spirit by thought, except when I am particularly desperate for some divine intervention. Then believe me, I can be heard from Green Bay to Chicago! 

Have fun with your practice. Try to consider it a joyful experiment and and remember you have nothing to lose. Best of all, you have the amazing potential to create a connection with someone you love. 


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Mollie Morning Star

Mollie Morning Star is an evidential psychic medium providing validating afterlife readings to heal grief. She authors a blog focused on spiritual lessons received during medium readings to inspire vibrabt living after the death of a loved one.