Guidance from Your Higher Self

Have you ever wished someone would give you the answers to make your day a little easier? Here's a way to receive sage advice, instantly. 

As I sat waiting for the stoplight to turn green, I considered which route would get me home the fastest. I was in a hurry, with a to-do list a mile long.

 Turn left, and I’d risk getting stuck at a light. 

Go straight and deal with multiple stops signs.

Which route would save me thirty seconds?  I was getting more stressed by the nanosecond.

“Just relax a little, Mollie.”

 What!? Who said that? 

 My own voice had startled me.

 You see, I not only communicate with the dead, I communicate with myself. That is, my “Higher” self. 

 As I continued to sit, waiting on the light, a conversation with my friend Jeff suddenly came to mind.

 “Every time I really need to decompress after work, I drive the inconvenient way home so I have to stop on every corner. It’s my zen moment,” he said. 

 The light turned green, and I went straight. And I stopped on every corner, taking a breath and simply pausing. I noticed people walking their dogs. Children playing.  Many neighbors had filled their flowerpots with beautiful summer annuals. It was a pleasant day, but I hadn’t appreciated that. 

 When I arrived home, one minute later than I could have, I felt a lot saner.

Learn to Tune In and Trust Your Intuition 

 Unfortunately, we can’t always find our way out of stress, grief or discomfort by taking the long way around. Sometimes we need to charge straight through. The trick to surviving this is to use all our resources, including our ever-present source of help – our intuition, or gut instinct, or as I call it, my “Higher” self. 

 The very same faculties that are used when we connect with a deceased loved one are used when we communicate with ourselves. Soul communication can be with anyone, living or passed. Why would you exclude yourself from that? 

 Part of living a spiritually awake life is practicing excellent self-care. It’s important to foster a spiritual connection with a loved one to help ease your grief. But, it is absolutely vital to connect with yourself as you chart the way forward after a loss.

 When was the last time you checked in on You? 

 The way you are feeling on the surface is likely obvious. But you may need to explore deeper to see how you really feel, and determine what you need to move toward healing. 

 Try this experiment: Sit somewhere comfortably, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “What do I need?” 

 Here’s the catch: answer the question out loud. 

 A key muscle to build while learning to communicate on a Soul level is the trust muscle.

We have spiritual reflexes with lightning-fast reactions. But we tend to bog down the process with analytical thinking.

 When you pose a question to yourself, the answer is usually immediate, though most of us prefer to dissect it, looking for a reason not to trust our instincts. At a deep level, though, we know when it is correct.

 What’s your immediate answer? Can you trust it? 

 The next time you are in a funk, ask yourself what you need in order to get out of it. Answer out loud. And while you’re at it, try Jeff’s method of taking the long route home to slow down and regroup. 

 Those “wasted” minutes might be the best you have all day.

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Psychic Medium Readings in Oak Brook, Chicago Illinois - Milwaukee Green Bay, WI 

Psychic Medium Readings in Oak Brook, Chicago Illinois - Milwaukee Green Bay, WI 

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