3 Reasons Why You Aren't Seeing Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Are you frustrated and feeling alone because you haven't seen a sign from loved one in Spirit? You are not alone! 

“I haven't had one sign, visit, or sense of presence, not once since my husband died, and I'm beginning to think that's not normal. I would love for you to discuss this side of survivorship. No one ever wants to discuss it - like it's some ugly secret - but I have to believe others are in the same boat as me.” Kathy Joint –via Facebook 

This comment, left on my Facebook page last week, is a perfect example of why my mission in life is to help educate as many people as possible about how Spirit Communication works.  Having a session with a medium is wonderful way to receive validations that can become catalysts for healthy change in the grieving process. However, becoming dependent on a medium for receiving signs from the people you love is not healthy. Thankfully, you can learn to interact with these living Souls on your own. 

If you’ve been to one of my events, you already know my main schtick: Education is Everything. Followed closely by, “Entertainment is NOT Education!” 

 If you are in the same boat as Kathy, looking for a sign that just isn’t there, let’s discuss three potential reasons why this is happening. 

Why you are not seeing signs from deceased loved ones

1. You are looking for something that is unreasonable.

This is the most important point. Many people get inducted into the club of,  “I Lost a Loved One,” with no warning. Newly bereaved people have usually had exposure to mediums only through television, and there is nothing about a staged, highly edited and entertaining show that you should regard as an example of what to expect. Without the benefit of a physical body, it is impossible for a Soul to show up and speak words to you that you will hear through your ears. If you are ready to read more about how a departed loved one will communicate with you, check out "Learn to Connect With Loved Ones in Spirit."  I wrote this article last year to teach you the three basic steps to recognizing the connection. 

 2. Your analytical thinking prevents you from being open to new information. 

I am, by nature, a skeptic. Yes, you read that right! In nearly every situation, I need to see something to be able to believe it. This is the main reason I choose to use my abilities as an evidential medium, and only as an evidential medium. When I do a reading for a client, the session is full of verifiable details and obscure validations that only the client and the deceased person will know. These validations are what provide the deep healing for most bereaved people. They prove that living Souls see you and know what you are doing.

 I did not open to my gift as a medium until I was an adult. In fact, I was deeply skeptical of people who claimed to be psychics or to be able to tap into the paranormal. I probably have always had the ability to communicate with Souls who have passed, but I never realized it—until they started making their presence known in a way I couldn’t ignore! Once I educated myself about how Spirit Communication works, my mind became much more open to recognizing synchronicities and signs.  They are all around us.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time investigating the afterlife, reading, attending workshops, and participating in support groups and you are still not receiving anything you feel could be a “sign,” then something is not right—which brings me to my last point. 

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3. The Time Is Not Right. 

This last point is one I hate to bring up, because I see it used as an excuse far too often by “mediums” when they can’t make a connection to loved ones in Spirit. There is, however, some truth to it.  In the dimension of Spirit, where our loved ones are encompassed by eternity, time is simply not the same as on Earth.  When we are feeling desperate for spiritual comfort and it evades us, there may be, unfortunately, a reason. In my experience, there is never a point at which those whom we love in Spirit abandon us. But they will sometimes become a bit quieter in order to help us grow.  I think of it like offering an ever-present “bail-out plan” to my college-age children. If I am around to solve every issue, how will they ever become independent adults? There are points in our life where our desperation serves as a great motivation for us to change, learn and reach the next level in our healing. 

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If you are tired of being in the boat that is simply drifting, here are a few ways you can grab the oars and direct your ship to calmer waters.  (In other words, here are some resources!) 

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