Preparing for a Wonderful Session

Over the past few years, the interest in mediumship has absolutely exploded. So many people are seeking a personal session but don't know where to start. After years of doing professional readings, I'd love to share my top tips to ensure you have the helpful experience you need to take the next step on your path toward healing after a loss.

1. Keep your information to yourself. If you only take ONE single piece of knowledge away from reading this article, please, let it be this. When you are seeking evidence validating the existence of the afterlife, it is absolutely VITAL that you do not share information about your deceased loved one, or yourself, with a medium prior to the session. It is the job of the medium to work with the Soul/Spirit of your loved one to obtain facts and evidence that validate their identity and proof of survival.

Actions to consider:

  • Do not allow mediums to have access to your Facebook profile by being their "Friend" on Facebook. 
  • "Like" professional pages on Facebook and and opt to get notifications when they update their page. (If you don't opt for notifications, you will not receive their posts.)
  • Have a friend book your session for you and use a false name. That's a bit extreme, but if you are concerned, then simply do it.
  • Do not email a medium and tell them who you are hoping to reach. It will hinder, not help your connection.

I cannot stress this enough: this is the most important component of a great session and it is completely your responsibility to keep your information private. This is why I do not read for friends nor do I recommend repeated sessions.

2. Keep your connection options open. Very few people live within a reasonable driving distance of a reputable medium; having your session by telephone, Skype or FaceTime is almost always the best solution. I have been doing phone/Skype sessions for years with excellent success. I recommend it over an in-person session for three main reasons:

  • Ease of scheduling and on-time appointments 
  • Access to reputable, excellent mediums no matter where you live
  • Additional evidence can be given when you are not visible to the medium

The most interesting part of this is the last. I cannot tell you how many phone sessions I have done for people where their deceased loved one communicated something like, "Tell her I love her short, blonde hair." When in fact, the person on the other end of the phone had undergone a drastic hair change since their loved one's passing. During one phone session, a deceased husband communicated to his living wife that he saw a problem with his wife's neck, and he noted that it was quite serious. The reply was priceless, "Oh my!! I'm sitting here in a neck brace and I am having surgery in a few weeks!" None of that information would have been validating if the client had been sitting in front of me. 

3. Learn all you can before your session. This is especially important for the newly-bereaved. Popular television shows have opened the minds of people everywhere to the possibility of the afterlife, and simultaneously, filled those same minds with a lot of erroneous information. Mediums do not see ghosts and talk to the dead. (At least the reputable, excellent mediums I know do not!) Communication with a deceased loved one is done by mental telepathy; it is a language of energy and of the Soul. It is very subtle. If you come into a session with the expectation of sitting down and talking to your loved one, you will be disappointed. The objective of a session is to receive validations and evidence of the afterlife, and you should expect that outcome. I personally will not conduct a session with anyone until they have allowed me to thoroughly explain how the communication takes place from a technical standpoint. Only then will I proceed with communication. For me to jump right into the session would be similar to offering the newly-bereaved a session in Japanese, when they don't speak the language. Want to know more? Here are some terrific books to get you started:

These are just my top three tips, but there is so much more information available on my blog. Please take some time to read up to prepare yourself for a successful session with the medium you choose.

Oh, and one bonus tip since you made it all the way to the end: remember that celebrity mediums are still celebrities, and entertainment is not education.  

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